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Class : X                                                                                                                                                               Max.Marks:40

Subject : IT (402)                                                                                                                                                 Time: 1 ½ hr

Date : 21/12/2017

Section – A                                                         (1 X 8 = 8M)

  1. Multiple Choice Questions

1) Gridlines

  1. May be turned off for display but turned on for printing
  2. May be turned on or off for printing
  3. The be turned off for display and printing
  4. a, b and c

2)  A function inside another function is called a ….. function.

  1. Nested b.   Round                   c.   Sum           d.   Text

3)  In Microsoft PowerPoint two kinds of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are__________

  1. a) .Wav files and .mid files b)   .Wav files and .gif files
  2. c) .Wav files and .jpg files d)  .jpg files and .gif files

4)  What is a motion path?

  1. A type of animation entrance effect b. A method of advancing slides
  2. A method of moving items on a slide d. All of the above

5)  Which of the following columns does not appear when you open the table in the Table

Design View?

  1. Field Type b. Description             c. Field Name            d. Field Length

6)  Which of the following field properties ensures data validation in a data base?

  1. Decimal places b. AutoValue c. Format example   d. Entry required

7) Which outlook function allows you to keep track of time spent on work?

  1. Tasks b. Journal                   c. Notes                       d. Calendar

8) Which type of personal email account downloads email message to your computer?

  1. Microsoft Outlook             b. POP3           c. IMAP                       d. HTTP

Section – B                            3 X 2 m = 6 m

1) Consider the following data in a spread sheet.

1 SL No Name English Maths Science
2 1 Anita 26 54 67
3 2 John 43 65 78
4 3 Kerry 87 56 78
5 4 Smith 45 76 34
6 5 Risha 56 34 98
  1. Write the formula to find the sum of all subjects of Kerry and Risha.
  2. Write the formula to find average marks of John.
  3. Write the formula to find highest mark in science.

 2) List the advantages of sharing calendar in Ms-outlook?

3) Specify the order of operations used for evaluating formulas in Ms-Excel?

Section-C                               3m x 2 = 6m

1) Consider the following table named Patient:

Patient ID Patient Name Patient Age Patient Address Patient Contact Number Gender Disease Date of Admission
101 Shradha 20 Shalimar Bagh 9877777111 F Malaria 12/06/2011
102 Sudhir 15 PreetVihar 8777718253 M Pneumonia 02/03/2011
103 Parth 18 Surajmal Vi-har 9856432123 M Asthma 15/05/2011
104 Geeta 25 JanakPuri 8675643255 F Pneumonia 20/04/2011
105 Anita 20 Dwarka 9711777382 F Whooping cough 08/06/2011
106 Adarsh 19 Anand Vihar 9811665432 M Pneumonia 25/06/2011

 Answer the following questions:

  1. Identify the primary key field.
  2. Write a query to display patient’s information who suffers from Pneumonia.
  3. Identify the fields that have the same data types.

2)  What are the different views in power point? Explain the purpose of each view.

Section D                               5m x 4 = 20 m

1) Write the steps to calculate the data across worksheets. How do you link the cells from different worksheets? (2m + 3m)

2) How do you group objects? What are its advantages? Write any six points on reviewing content in the presentation software. (2+ 1+3)

3) What are the two ways of scheduling an appointment? State the procedure to create a new appointment and also categorise it?(1 + 3+ 1)

4) What is RDBMS? In open office base, write the full syntax and an example for each of the following commands.

  1. i) create ii) update iii) delete        iv) select         v) insert




Information Technology (402/462)

Class X – 2017 – 18

General Instructions:

  1. Read the question paper carefully.
  2. Question paper is divided into four sections:

Section A – Multiple choice questions                     (1 mark each)

  In this section

      Attempt any two from the first four questions.

      Attempt a total of six questions.

Section B – Very short answer                     (2 marks each)

 There are internal choices in this section with a total of 8 questions to be attempted.

Section C – Short Answer                             (3 marks each)

Section D – Long answer                              (5 marks each)

  1. The maximum time allowed is 2 hours.
  2. Maximum marks is 50

Section A:                                                                                                               1 X 6 = 6 M

  1. The dances are________________ the fight between good and evil. [ ]
  2. a) about b) for c) around                     d) with
  3. Beat eggs, water, salt and pepper in a small bowl until they are ___________[ ]
  4. a) mixed b) combined               c) merged                   d) blended
  5. Please get me __________glass of water. [ ]
  6. a) an b) a c) the                           d) no article needed
  7. We must reach the airport on time, or else ___________will miss the flight. [ ]
  8. a) we b)us c) himself                    d) none
  9. Cursor options is also an ____________________ feature that assists people with vision impairment. [           ]
  10. a) feasibility b) accessibility                        c) formatting               d) editing
  11. Which one of them is not an IM [ ]
  12. a) Skype b) WhatsApp c) Google talk              d) Hotmail
  13. The conditional formatting option is available under the ______________ group in the home tab.                                                                                              [           ]
  14. a) Cells b) Styles c) Editing                     d) Clip board
  15. Using filter you can extract data based on ____________________ [ ]
  16. a) sort b) condition c) merge                     d) none of the given
  17. Movie option is available in ____________group under the insert tab. [ ]
  18. a) Illustrations b) links c) media clips              d) symbols
  19. _____________appointments can be used for repetitive tasks. [ ]
  20. a) Calendar b) Recurring c) Journal                    d) notes
  21. Which of the following is not data base software? [ ]
  22. a) Ms-Access b) Open-office base c) Open-Office impress          d) SQL

12._______ creates a timeline of transactions that can be linked to a contact.      [           ]

  1. a) Journal entry b) notes c) tasks                                    d) none

Section – B  8 X 2 = 16 M

1) In an open letter to the citizens, on the eve of the republic day, the president has mentioned about ‘the winds of change’ blowing in the country.  What does the president mean? Give two examples.

2) Change the voice.

  1. i) His grandmother looked after him.
  2. ii) I was praised by the principal.

3) Apart from the regular fonts and sizes, the font dialogue box has some effects. List any four.


Write down the steps to insert a school logo in the header of a document.

4) Suman wants to add speaker notes in his presentation. What are the key points should he keep in mind while preparing it?


Define:   i) animation                  ii) transition

5) Write any two uses of DBMS?

6) State the relationship between primary key and foreign key with the help of an example?

7) What options will you find when you receive a meeting request in Ms-outlook?

8) Explicitly distinguish the use of connectors and conjunctions by providing an example for each.

 Section C                              6 x 3 = 18 M

  1. List any three views available in Spreadsheets? How do you arrange multiple program windows in it?
  2. Write any three advantages associated with the networking?
  3. Name the text wrapping options available in word processing software.
  4. While writing an essay on “School life”, Smita used the word principle instead of principal. She might have repeatedly committed the error while typing on the word processor. Help her to rectify the error by suggesting a feature of word and write the steps of the procedure.
  5. Write down the steps to print handouts of a presentation.
  6. Write the answers/commands based on the following table.

Table: Student

sno sname hobbies
101 Ram Watching T.V
102 madhu Reading story books
103 Revanth Gardening
104 Shreyas Surfing Internet
  1. i) Write the create command for the given table “student”.
  2. ii) Display the records whose hobby is ‘gardening’.

iii) Remove a record from the table whose name is ‘Ram’.

Section-D                                         2 X 5 = 10 M

  1. Mr. Adithya has been asked to visit a school for visually impaired and enable them to use a computer. To overcome the challenges Adithya looks into accessibility options. What options would have Adithya explained to the students? What type of I/O device you will suggest for a person having difficulty using keyboard or mouse?
  2. Write the spread sheet formula/expression/function to perform operations in the given table:
  A B C D E F G H I
1 S.No Name Eng Maths Hindi Sci Soc Total Average
2 1 Amar 97 90 90 80 60    
3 3 Veer 85 100 84 91 68    
4 5 Bharat 72 99 81 97 79    
5 4 Vasanth 86 98 75 65 85    
6 2 Sneha 93 89 93 77 94    
7 6 Bhargav 80 75 75 92 98    
  1. Calculate the total marks obtained by a student.
  2. Calculate the minimum marks in Hindi.
  3. Calculate the average mark obtained by a student.
  4. Calculate the highest mark in maths.
  5. Name the feature used to arrange the data by student Number.