Admission are in progress for classes Nur to VII 2024-25



                            Assembly Contents for the Academic Year 2021 – 22



Ø Assembly–15 mts

Ø Prayer

Ø Meaning

Ø Pledge

Ø Article related to the theme

Ø Song

Ø News

Ø G.K. Questions

Ø Teacher’s thought

Ø Children’s thought with explanation and example

Ø School Song

Ø National Anthem


Monday & Tuesday : Hindi


Wednesday:  1 & 3rd week science; 2 & 4th week mathematics


Thursday:  Telugu


Friday: Social Studies


Saturday: Sanskrit


Ø Song of the month we will send the song let them learn and sing .let the class teacher make a choir group selecting from each house the same children will sing  others join them.


Ø Hindi  day all-in  Hindi with a poem and meaning same with Telugu


Ø Sanskrit day a moral skit with meaning or slokas with summary Article/play/skit/moral story/etc


Weekly one house

·       Emerald

·       Ruby

·       Sapphire

·       Topaz



        MONTH & THEME

April              –              Planet Earth

June              –              Obedience

July               –               Being Eco -friendly

August          –              Profession &Patriotism

September   –              Reflection

October        –              Swachatha(Cleanliness)

November   –              Goals of Life

December    –              Appreciation

January         –             Nation & Discipline

February       –             Self-Esteem

March           –              Compassion



Monday:    English

Tuesday:    Hindi

Wednesday :  1 & 3rd weeks science; 2 & 4th weeks mathematics (Classes:  6th  to 10th)

Thursday: Telugu

Friday: Social

Saturday:   Sanskrit & Mathematics



Wednesday and Friday:

ON WEDNESDAY (Science): A simple speech about importance of vitamins, scientific inventions and any specific science days.

ON FRIDAY(Social): A simple speech about historic days and biography of great personalities.


1 to class 4 Saturday will be a quiz day, as what all done in the week(Mon to Fri) quiz by class teacher.
Class 1st to 4th every Saturday it is scheduled as a quiz day.



1. Collect the information about important days of the Academic Year and inform the class teachers to celebrate them.

2. Assembly topics have to be given month in advance.

3. Participation of each student is compulsory from each class.

4. Note Important events which will be celebrated / announced in assembly like prizes etc.





                                                                  Assembly Contents 2019 – 20
Day Class Lang Yoga Mass PT Classes join for Assembly      2 Mints Meditation Prayer & Meaning Ravindranath Tagore Poem School Song Pledge News New Words G.K Questions Article/




National Anthem
                                                          All the Above based on the Theme
Mon IX Z English III VI III to X                    
Tue IV Z Hindi VI  – III & IV                    
Wed V T English   –  V III to V                    
Thu VII T Hindi IV & V VIII VI to VIII                    
Fri VIII D English VII & VIII IX & X VI to X                    
Mon VIII Z English IX & X   –      –                    
Tue III H Telugu    –    –      –                    
Wed V H English    –    –      –                    
Thu VI H Telugu     –    –      –                    
Fri VI D English      –    –      –                    
Sat V All Sections French     – III, IV & VII V to VIII                    
                                                                                                 Thought for the Day by the Class Teacher
Signature of The Teacher                                                                                                                                                                                         Signature of the Principal